Tracy Smith Nature Photography

About Tracysmith_2263

I love all things photography but my passions are for nature photography and children. The greatest thing about photography is that it gives us the ability to do something that we as humans normally cannot do and that is the ability to stop the relentless march of time. Taking a photograph allows us to preserve a moment in time which would otherwise be lost. Unlike in real life; a flower never fades, a child can remain young forever, a person never dies, and time can stop.

My greatest inspirations come from the beauty that exists all around us that most take for granted or just fail to see, and the children in my life. Their innocence is a beautiful thing and I learn from them every day. From my niece Madison, who fought cancer for the four years she was on this earth, I've learned; to see beauty in every thing, to always live life to the fullest, and to follow my dreams.